Coming around to retirement | The Verge at Burleigh G.C
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9 June 2021
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Coming around to retirement

Chris and Ginny Residents at The Verge

Chris and Ginny have recently moved into The Verge, a new vertical retirement village by RetireAustralia that is moments from the sea and right next to Burleigh Golf Course. Independent, Chris said a retirement community would never be for him. His partner, Ginny had other ideas.

“I could see the fact that it was the right decision, I just didn’t want to let go,” Chris says.

“I think all of us only need to hear about someone else’s misfortune to see how difficult it becomes if you don’t make the decision yourself when you are able and healthy to make it. It was absolutely the right choice and we chose to make our home here at The Verge,” says Ginny.

Chris and Ginny were adamant they would make the decision on their own terms, knowing that life can happen to the best of us. “It’s not a nice thought, but if you get sick down the track or have a fall, someone else is making the decision for you. We’ve had the time to be able to think about it and for everybody to get used to the idea. We have everything at our fingertips and are only three minutes from the beach. It all makes sense,” says Ginny.

The peace of mind knowing that care has been woven into the building also contributed to their decision making process. Wide corridors, lots of storage, natural light, switches and power points at accessible heights, deep showers and reinforced bathroom walls to retrofit railings are all seamlessly built in without ever disturbing the aesthetic or sacrificing the comforts of home. It’s there if you ever need it.

“I haven’t had to give up anything. I can still do exactly what I like and I haven’t missed yard work and maintaining a house,” says Ginny.

At first, Chris was hesitant about giving up his workload, but he came around. “I absolutely love not having to mow the lawn. It was the right decision. It frees me up to do the things that really matter to me and it’s nice to know help is there if we need it.”