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24 February 2021

Grow into your home not out of it

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Home sweet home may be a cliché, but when looking at retirement it’s an intangible that can’t be overlooked. As older Australian’s transition into the next phase of their lives, a question is presented and a housing decision must be made. Can I continue safely and independently living in my home? Is it still fit for my needs?

Outgrowing a home is a common catalyst for making the move into retirement living. Unfortunately, sometimes that decision is forced upon us in the form of an injury, a slip or fall. Stairs are no longer viable, flooring is unsuitable, storage and switches are in the wrong place and doorways become too narrow overnight. 

We would all prefer to stay in the family home, surrounded by our memories and routine – the challenge comes when trying to balance this independence with safety. However, we shouldn’t need to sacrifice either when looking at retirement living.

The Verge at Burleigh G.C., a new coastal medium rise retirement community by RetireAustralia has meticulously worked to achieve this balance. Collaborating heavily with design experts, achieving a Green Star accreditation and Australian Livable Housing design standards, their latest community empowers residents to live independently in their new homes for as long as possible, without forgoing freedoms, aesthetics or choice. 

By truly understanding age-related changes and difficulties associated with navigating the built environment, The Verge has been designed to adapt to the evolving needs of residents, making your home comfortable and flexible both today and into the future. A home that is able to grow with needs: 

  • Wide corridors for ease of entry and use of walkers
  • Ample community seating provides the opportunity for socialisation 
  • Reinforced bathroom walls to retrofit fixtures and railings
  • High windows to promote natural lighting 
  • Access to a communal Wellness Centre encouraging activity and connection
  • Floor finishes and materials used enhance depth perception 
  • An abundance of vegetation, outlooks and trees provides a calming atmosphere
  • Medium-rise construction provides a safe, secure location to lock up and travel
  • Storage, fixtures, switches and power points are at accessible heights and age-friendly

The Verge’s high design standards demonstrate a desire to provide the market with age-friendly housing options. If you are looking into retirement, consider the accreditations, awards and confidence that comes with good design standards.