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23 February 2021
The Verge Wellness Centre
Going green at The Verge
24 February 2021

Wellness front and centre at The Verge Burleigh

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Much more than just a gym, The Verge at Burleigh G.C. has officially opened the doors to an innovative new Wellness Centre. The coastal retirement community, in collaboration with Stirling University (specialists in aging design principles), have created a space far beyond the traditional workout room. The Verge has launched a considered, purpose built environment, complimenting a new standard of healthy retirement living.

This new standard revolves around freedom and choice. The freedom to make your own decisions about the lifestyle you want to lead while having the resources on hand to live that way. The Wellness Centre delivers on both, providing residents with the facilities and support to make these lifestyle decisions for themselves. If you want to do a little or a lot, the choice is up to you. 

Overlooking the Burleigh Golf Course, the Wellness Centre has everything you need to live a connected and balanced lifestyle. As the centre of a lively retirement community, apartments are walking distance from state of the art exercise equipment, outdoor spaces for yoga or playing with the grandkids, the Tee House Café with calming views of the golf course, multi-purpose rooms, changing facilities and physiotherapy/medical consulting rooms. 

More than just a place to keep fit, the Centre is also a space to catch up with friends, play with family and enjoy a coffee with neighbours. Social connection has been proven to provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose and is just as important as physical fitness. 

Its age friendly design includes lifts, flat surfaces and access to purpose built exercise programs, creating an environment where safety and accessibility are front and centre. This level of consideration and care is further highlighted by the design choices used to improve often overlooked elements like air quality, room acoustics and visual lighting levels. Nothing is out of place, with each detail architected to play a specific role in improving the resident experience.With access to support, care and world class amenities that complement and adapt to our ever changing needs, the Wellness Centre has been designed to outlast any exercise trend.